• When you re-mortgage, you are switching your
  • mortgage to another deal, and frequently another
  • lender.
  • Re-mortgages can be used for various reasons,
  • most people simply switch mortgage because it will
  • work out cheaper for them.

  • For example, the introductory discounted interest
  • rate may have finished with your current lender;
  • therefore you could get a discount, or a lower APR,
  • with another lender.
  • Other individuals may use a re-mortgage to
  • consolidate their debts, if they take out their
  • re-mortgage for a larger amount than owed on the
  • existing mortgage.

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  • takes our team do all the work to find you
  • the best offer. This form will allow a mortgage
  • specialist to find you the best quotes from
  • their product range, with good or poor credit.



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